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Fri 23 Oct 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

WebRes | Open Call

WebRes is a series of micro-commissions to fund the thinking, doing and dialogue of artists working with dance, choreography and performance in Siobhan Davies Studios’ digital spaces.

Taking place every other week, over 12 weeks, from Wednesday 24 June, our digital platforms will host an artist, provided with a small fee to make use of these spaces for a day in aid of their work and research.

The six artists will each have their own webpage on our website to use as they want. Artists can host their activity here or link out to social media profiles, YouTube, the Siobhan Davies Studios blog etc. All WebRes pages will remain on the website, creating a permanent archive of the project.


This open call has now closed. 


Open Call | 6 micro-commissions 

We are offering 6 artists £250 each. We understand that this is a small commission, so please bear that in mind when telling us what you’d like to do. We do not expect artists to share full documentation of their work, or to make a completely new work for our digital spaces.


Artists might share images and videos exploring their current thinking or dug out of their archive; previously written or contemporary texts; or take up residency on one of our social media profiles… Whatever you choose to do with this time, you do not need to:

  • be new (you might share and reflect on old work)
  • provide continuous output throughout a day (you might choose to do one thing)
  • use all platforms (it might be specific to a platform. We might link to it on others though)
  • respond to Cornonvirus or self-isolation directly (if you don’t want to, absolutely not)


You can choose to share your work wherever feels most appropriate for you.

Platforms we have available:

  • a dedicated page on the SDS website (we would then share this on social media)
  • our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • a blog
  • a YouTube channel
  • a Zoom account


Staff from Siobhan Davies Studios will be on hand on each of WebRes days to assist in any way that might be helpful. This could include:

  • Being a sounding board to ideas and providing feedback
  • Editorial support for written content
  • Technical assistance with regard to our website and all our other platforms
  • Skills sharing and some editing (we can provide support with editing together video or audio clips, cropping images, or changing file-types and formats if needed)


To apply for one of these micro-commissions, please complete this short form, which requests basic information about yourself and brief answers to three prompts:

  • Briefly tell us about your work (~300 words)What are you preoccupied with, what are your materials and concerns?
  • What activity/activities would you like to propose and where might it take place? (~300 words)
  • What kind of support will you need from us to make your proposal happen?

If you prefer, you can respond to these with a video or audio recording. Media files can be uploaded within the form.

Deadlines and Dates

These micro-commissions will be selected on a rolling basis, with WebRes days taking place over late June, July and August - so you don’t have to apply immediately. Applications are open from Friday 22 May through till Wednesday 12 Aug. At each selection all applications submitted will be considered.

We aim to contact artists selected 3 weeks before their WebRes day, with activity taking place on the following dates:

  • Wed 24 June
  • Wed 8 July
  • Wed 23 July
  • Wed 5 Aug
  • Wed 19 Aug
  • Wed 2 Sep

Selection and Criteria 

The six micro-commissions will be selected by different members of our programming and Artist Support teams. Siobhan Davies Studios supports work informed by research and investigation, often across varying disciplines and contexts. 

Selection will be made with the following aims in mind:

  • to make space for the work and voices of those working in dance and choreography at a time when the building and other arts spaces can’t be used.
  • to share a range of material practices, documentation and dialogue - using our platforms as a test site for artist's thinking. 
  • to engage with and expand our online networks, as well as those of the artists involved.


If you need any help completing the application, or have any questions please get in touch with Content and Communications Manager, Rohanne Udall: rohanneu@siobhandavies.com.

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