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Lucy Suggate & Collaborators: Spirit Compass

As we all buckle under the weight of the collapsing system, can we slip through the cracks and re-integrate, repurpose and reorganise in order to be more-than-human?

Spirit Compass is an island or a temple of sorts. Audiences are invited to relax and witness the movement while sitting or lying on a ‘shoreline’ of cushions resembling smooth stones. Suggate has a strong desire to move us towards more expansive experiences of watching; this may include feelings of drifting, resting and absorption. 

Suggate has collaborated with musician Tom Page (RocketNumberNine, Neneh Cherry, The Memory Band, James Holden), jewellery designer Lydia Hartshorn and an outstanding group of six dance artists. 

Together the dance artists perform 'tidal meditations,’ a practice of deep listening and moving informed by a detailed score focused on the pelvis. Beginning on the ‘shoreline’ mass of pebble-shaped cushions, performers ‘cast off’ into a performance space lit with changing sunset colours. Propelled by Page’s absorbing live drumming, they move through a process of internal and external detection and connection to energy. Each meditative cycle lasts approximately 45 minutes and is repeated three times. Audiences are invited to come and go at will during the 2h 15mins of each performance. 

Suggate’s ‘tidal meditation’ practice relates to an expanded sense of being. It searches for the capacity of the body to go beyond logic, flesh and limitations; everything becomes re-negotiable and fluid. It seeks to remind us that our bodies are not fixed and we can always find new capacities to adapt to challenging times.



Dance Artists: Alexah Tomey-Alleyne (Nottingham Contemporary only), Annie Hanauer (Tramway only), Alexandrina Hemsley (Nottingham Contemporary only), Jamila Johnson-Small, Steph McMann, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Isabella Oberländer, Claricia Parinussa and Rowdy SS.
Musician: Tom Page
Costume Designer: Lydia Hartshorn

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