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Sat 28 Nov 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Percolate Programme 2020

Percolate is a new programme from Siobhan Davies Studios offering flexible support to artists. In January 2020 we held our first open call - we wanted to hear ideas that might not fit into ordinary funding structures, or about something new that artists were testing. The aim was to be responsive and timely – to hear what artists need and be able to offer it.

The landscape has altered drastically since then, but the first Percolate Programme will go ahead, whether at our home at Siobhan Davies Studios, when it's safe to do so, or in alternative forms appropriate to our changing landscape. We look forward to expanding on the information below as plans unfold.

Patricia Okenwa | Reconnecting with the work Stabat Mater

Patricia Okenwa will be reconnecting with the 2016 work Sabat Mater, a work about acts of caring, mothering and loss. Sparked by the experience of ‘lending’ the work to Siobhan Davies Studios’ Torchlight Artist Katye Coe in 2018, the Percolate Programme will provide an opportunity to explore the work's potential by placing it in a different context. She will be extending the work, exploring and testing new elements within it’s improvisational score, developing the arc of experience it offers. Patricia is drawn to the possibilities of community, lightness, playfulness, contact and a longer duration for the work to unfold.

More on the artist's work: Patricia Okenwa

Image credit: Stephen Wright


Image of artists body parts side by side

Rachel Cherry and Sung Im Her | Researching a new durational work 

Photographer Rachel Cherry and dance artist Sung-Im Her will be researching a new durational work at the intersection of performance and visual art. Although the artists work in different art forms, both experience similar pain, developed through repetitive bodily movement. Their Percolate project will explore how the artists connect through their point of pain (Rachel-right shoulder, Sung-Im-left shoulder) to explore their own personal boundaries and how they share responsibility for each other. Investigating the potential of imposed physical limitations through movement, Her and Cherry will explore how to use movement as an act of care, for both themselves and each other.

More on the artist’s work: Rachel Cherry and Sung Im Her

Image credit: Rachel Cherry


Charlotte Spencer | Researching touch and consent

Charlotte Spencer will be engaging in a series of activities that aim to incubate, generate and question ideas around touch and consent. Her proposed work will be expressed in multiple forms - conversation, collaboration, curation, walking, participation, live performance. Within and beyond Percolate, Charlotte will be collaborating with performers Dan Daw and Louise Tanoto to explore personal archives of tactile experience. These histories are personal, political, celebratory, vulnerable. Charlotte hopes this new body of work will evolve into a duet for theatre; intimate one on one encounters; curated events for discussion, provocation and collective thinking. 

More on the artist's work: Charlotte Spencer

Image credit: Pari Naderi | Performers, left to right: Petra Söör, Kirsty Arnold, Ben McEwen and Louise Tanoto.


Functional Rituals / Dance is a weapon | Freedom School

Freedom School: A Collective Movement Practice for and by People of Colour is a two-day workshop that investigates and experiments with modes and forms of moving, learning, becoming, and organising together for dance practitioners of colour. The multimodal workshop will feature technique classes, improvisational activities, reading groups and documentary screenings on Black and Asian British dance histories, as well as open discussions and organising sessions that challenge institutional racism in dance and map out collective strategies of resistance.

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