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Mon 13 Jul 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

WebRes 2020
24 Jun – 2 Sep 2020

6 micro-commissions for work online

WebRes is a series of micro-commissions to fund the thinking, doing and dialogue of artists working with dance, chorepgraphy and performance in Siobhan Davies Studios’ digital spaces.

Taking place every other week, over 12 weeks, from Wednesday 24 June, our digital platforms will host an artist, provided with a small fee to make use of these spaces for a day in aid of their work and research.

The six artists will each have their own webpage on our website to use as they want. Artists can host their activity here or link out to social media profiles, YouTube, the Siobhan Davies Studios blog etc. All WebRes pages will remain on the website, creating a permanent archive of the project.

24 Jun | Marikiscrycrycry

Image of the artist Marikiscrycrycry

For the first WebRes marikiscrycrycry (Malik Nashad Sharpe) presents a Mood Board for a work that doesn't currently have a future, in a heightened moment where they are trying to imagine a future for themselves. Tentatively called NOT MY DEATHWISH, this new work builds upon their practice of working with melancholia as a political and aesthetic material suitable for ontological production around the position of marginalisation. This mood board will gradually compile materials that are reflective of the questions marikiscrycrycry is asking in their artistic practice today, and of this moment in history.

Malik Nashad Sharpe (b. 1992, New York) - creating under the alias marikiscrycrycry - is a choreographer, dancer, and movement director whose work looks at the production of ontology, affect, and subjectivity from the perspective of marginalisation. Often working with the undercurrent, underneath, subversive, and ulterior aspects of what it means to be both a human, and dehumanised, their work has topically explores themes around sexual assault, melancholia and melancholic subjectivity, nationalism, authoritarianism, the advent of the spectacle of Black death (the persistence of images both in media and culture of Black people being killed/dying), solidarities across borders and identities, the protestation in joyousness, amongst many other topics.


8 Jul | Dance Dialogues Podcast & dance art journal
How Can Dance Journalism Support Independent Artists?

At present, the online and print coverage of independent dance work is very low. For this WebRes event, dance art journal and Dance Dialogues Podcast will be hosting a discussion on how independent dance journalism can support independent artists. Now is a time to call for change. We want to hear from you about how our platforms, and others, can give independent artists a voice and make your work more visible. What forms and content would support your work? Can our platforms help other organisations to do this better?


Rachel Elderkin, Dance Dialogues Podcast
Rachel freelances as a dance artist, podcaster and writer/dramaturg. A member of the Critics Circle UK she writes on dance for The Stage and Fjord Review. She is host and founder of Dance Dialogues Podcast; a space for artists to discuss their life, work and what matters in dance right now.

Katie Hagan, dance art journal
Katie is the founder of dance art journal, an online dance writing platform which gives voice to artists working in the independent dance sector. Formed of seven writers, dance art journal creates content that puts independent artists at the forefront, and uses its social media channels to support and promote artists’ work.