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Thu 1 Oct 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Percolate 2020: Rachel Cherry and Sung Im Her in residence
5–9 Oct 2020

Photographer Rachel Cherry and dance artist Sung-Im Her will be researching a new durational work at the intersection of performance and visual art - to be performed in museum and gallery contexts. This residency will explore the performative actions of mark making and the residual traces of these actions.

Although the artists work in different art forms, both experience pain developed through repetitive bodily movement. Their Percolate project will explore how the artists connect through their point of pain to explore their own personal boundaries and how they share responsibility for each other. Investigating the potential of imposed physical limitations through movement, Her and Cherry will explore how to use movement as an act of care, for both themselves and each other. 

Friday 9 October | Film sharing and Online Discussion

Following the five days at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, Her and Cherry Im will release a short film sharing their studio process. A free, online discussion event will follow up the release of this film.

To attend please sign up on Eventbrite here.

Some questions the artists would like to explore in the discussion include:

  • What do you see in these body traces?
  • How do you connect to these traces? 
  • How do you understand the relationship between the performed activity, the trace and the video documentation?

More on the artist’s work: Rachel Cherry and Sung Im Her