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Siobhan Davies Dance, Scaravelli Inspired Flow Yoga

Scaravelli Inspired Flow Yoga

Programmed by Laura Guarnera

Inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, this method focuses on the ground, the breath, and the spine.

Movement is created from your core - naturally unfolding outward. At times taught to fresh soundtracks, with a focus on creating longer sequences, more like a spontaneous dance, using the essential skills of choreography, intension, clarity, motivation, space, timing, energy, phrasing, silence and sounds.

Scaravelli inspired Flow Yoga, is a movement based yoga practice which asks you to feel into your vinyasa, to embody movement through your senses.

This is less about holding poses and more about exploring the spaces in between them. There is a focus on how the human body moves as a whole, inviting the ground, spine and breath into this experience.In each practice students work towards moving through a creative sequence with optimised strength and grace. Practice builds from the ground up exploring somatic themes and motifs which build, repeat and allow for personal expression.

Scaravelli inspired Flow Yoga is about bringing wholeness to life! Laura`s teaching method is centred around following the intelligent flow of life through movement and somatic guidance to nurture oneself and develop greater awareness of individual well-being.

This energetic and grounding practice invites you to move more freely in your own body by building energy and creating space in your body, visualising, moving from within, using a deeper knowledge of ideokinesis, somatic and experimental anatomy.

Laura’s classes explore the interrelations between the inner anatomical landscape and the outer realm of perception. Combining improvised exploration and set material, the classes are a journey through sensation and alertness, gravity and orientation, fluidity and clarity. Classes are designed to work with the natural movement of one's body in relation to gravity.

Using her choreographic skills to create fluid combinations, in order to integrate the often fragmentised transition between elements of yoga.

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Image by Dan Alexander Photography

Class timetables

Scaravelli inspired Flow Yoga, 7 Jan – 1 Apr 2019

Yoga & Pilates Full Course
Monday, 6.15–8.15pm
£242.00 / £220.00 concessions
Monday, 6.15–7.15pm
£14.00 / £12.00 concessions
Yoga & Pilates Drop-in
Monday, 6.15–8.15pm
£22.00 / £20.00 concessions
Full Course
Monday, 6.15–7.15pm
£143.00 / £121.00 concessions

Please note there will be no class on 18th Feb and 25th Feb.


Laura Guarnera

Choreographer, performer, teacher and video director Laura Guarnera  trained at the Laban Centre, London in 1989.

She is a qualified Garuda apparatus and Mat teacher, studying directly with the inspiring teacher and friend James D'Silva, developer of the Garuda Method. She is a versatile and knowledgeable teacher with over 30 years of experience in movement, and a diverse background in Dance, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Franklin method, Body Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation.

Her companies  Trinacria Teatro Danza and Compagnia Guarnera Guy have won many awards, including the “International Choreographic Award”  Groninghen , The Netherlands and “Leaders for London Millennium Award”, UK. 

Laura has been Head of the Contemporary Dance Department at Performers Colleges since 1997 and since 2012 has been working as a freelance artist.

Laura’s love for movement brought her to approach Pilates and Yoga with an artistic visualization of movement, space-ground orientation and exploration of the relationship between movement and experimental anatomy.

She travelled to India, and in Rajasthan gained a Diploma in Yoga and Meditation at the Saraswati Academy. Recently she opened a new venue in Goa with Sandeep Meheta, named Club Meditation Yoga Retreats.

Laura is also a Pilates Foundation UK Teacher/member, and her interest in modern Pilates has led her to study with teachers such as James De Silva, Anouska Bourne, Susanne Lahusen, and Gary Carter. Her interest in ideokinesis has also led her to study with Eric Franklin, the former member of the Franklin Method, to expand her visual approach to functional bodies.

She teaches group yoga, Pilates and fusion classes in London and also teaches one to one, private sessions and remedial work.


Tel: 07958527677