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Siobhan Davies Dance, Infants Creative Contemporary (2–4 years)

Infants Creative Contemporary (2–4 years)

Online, Saturdays with Cheryl McChesney.

Programmed by Siobhan Davies Studios.


Join us for a playful introduction to dance and movement. Each Saturday class is designed for little ones and their parent or carer to take their first steps, discovering a love for dance together. Our approach is child-centred and child-led.

Our specialist teacher will guide you through a series of simple, fun tasks exploring a different theme each week. Our classes engage young children’s imaginations, extend their movement vocabulary and develop their motor skills and body awareness. We illicit and support the children's creative responses, rather than teaching prescribed set steps.

The class will support children to develop skills in line with their age and developmental milestones, including: 

  • Their imagination, inquisitiveness, persistence, discipline and collaborative skills 

  • Their ability to communicate ideas through and with the body 

  • Body Awareness; control & coordination of the body, expanding and refining movement vocabulary, physical confidence 

  • Quality of Movement; moving using a variety of dynamics, speeds, weight, musicality 

  • Spatial Awareness; moving using direction, height/level, distance, size, and scale 

  • Moving in relation to others; alone, with another, with others and in a group 

  • Performance; presenting ideas to others 

  • Choreography; selecting movement to communicate an idea or intention 

  • Appreciation; observing movement and sharing opinions 

  • Soft skills including; Observation, Speaking & Listening, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Debate and Negotiation, Responding, Leadership, Safe positive physical contact, Non-verbal communication 

This class will be led by Cheryl McChesney.



This class takes place online, on Zoom.

Booking Details

Attendance to this class is free. However, if you feel able, we suggest a donation of £5. If you would like to find out about attending this class, email:

Attending Online

This class takes place online via Zoom. In advance of the class we advise that participants install Zoom. If you need support installing and introducing yourself to this software then please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help. Get in touch via


Terms and Conditions

Class timetables

Infants Creative Contemporary (2–4 years), 19 Sep – 12 Dec 2020

Online Drop-in
Saturday, 9.30–9.50am

Attendance to this class is free. However, if you feel able, we suggest a donation of £5. If you would like to find out about attending this class, email:


Cheryl McChesney

Cheryl is a freelance dance artist who believes passionately that dance can offer huge benefits to people of all ages and abilities. She has taught and choreographed for over 20 years with a variety organisations such as Sadler's Wells, East London Dance, Southbank, Barbican, Artis Education, Rambert, Indep-dance, Trinity Laban and London councils.

This has involved supporting creative dance activities in primary and secondary schools, CPD programmes, and by creating performance work for theatres, venues, projects and festivals in the UK, Europe and Ethiopia has worked with hundreds of people to achieve positive dance experiences.