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ReRooted Dance Collective

ReRooted Dance Collective is a newly formed group of 6 dancers with expertise in different Indian classical styles. Having started working together in early 2019, they presented their first performance in April 2019 at The Bhavan.

They set up this collective to challenge the hierarchical ways of working that persist in their sector, and to promote collaboration between peers in the creative process. They believe that the mainstream dance sector too often pigeon holes them into one box - Indian dance - and as a result undermines the diversity that their different classical forms offer. Artistically, they are interested in continuing to dig deeper into their rich classical forms and present nuanced solo work that resists the pressure for them to fuse together on stage for ensemble work.

They are solo artists with unique voices and together they support each other in their individual artistic pursuits. Most importantly, they are a choreographic collective. Their primary interest is in creating new work within their classical dance paradigms and developing into choreographers that have the confidence to disrupt mainstream dance practice with something different and yet totally accessible.