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Pato Bosich

Pato (Patricio) Bosich was born in Chile on April 1st, 1978. He is a London based contemporary artist whose practice is rooted in the tradition of painting and his work brings about a vast interweaving of voices such as the mythological and the symbolic as in his work with Antiquity with the collections at the British Museum and in his series 'the dying Pythia', the poetical and alchemical in the series 'I bleed, you levitate me', where golden planets 'bleed' strong reds and visit urban and visionary landscapes amidst abysses and levitating presences. His explorations of the human condition and of fragmentation and transvaluation in contemporary society which finds expression in the journeying into the sea and the unknown in his paintings of the 'ship of fools’. He has shown in Europe, Latin America and the United States, including MSSA and MAM Museums - Chile, The Courtauld Institute and London University - London, Jano Arts and Fundació Catalunya Amèrica - Barcelona, Sberbank University - Moscow, Art Chicó - Bogota. In 2020, his work will be shown the Nationalmuseum - Stockholm and Ateneum Art Museum - Finland.

Other projects include an ongoing moving image and experimental film work, which began with ‘Los Inmortales’, completed in late 2009 and his co-founding of the artist’s collective DARC—Documentation Action Research Collective.