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Lucy Suggate

Lucy Suggate is a dance artist and choreographer recognised for her articulate and engaging solo performances as well as group installations informed by elements of synchronicity, cooperation and believing performance to be a communal act.

Her work is routed in a movement practice which is an ongoing inquiry into the perceptual and physical expansion that occurs when engaged in durational moving and thinking. This work is often supported by sound and music that accelerates the process of altered states encouraging the body, the performer into heightened states of awareness, availability and articulation - its during this space that new constellations, ideas, patterns and possibilities emerge through the sifting.

A lot of her current focus is around creating spaces and conditions to support more expanded and fluid approaches to dance and choreography both in doing and spectating. Research and questions that challenging and interrogate dominant systems often frame the whole process, such as What do we Choreograph and how do we dance in the 21st Century; the age of crisis, complexity, opinion and information?