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Jamila Johnson-Small

Jamila Johnson-Small is the 2019/20 Torchlight Artist. 

L.Y.I.N. is the project of London-based artist/dancer, Jamila Johnson-Small. L.Y.I.N. works with various collaborators to build atmospheres - spaces within spaces - for movement and reflection.


Last Yearz Interesting Negro aka Jamila Johnson-Small is a London based artist/dancer. Their practice is always relational, moving across spaces, contexts, roles and collaborations. L.Y.I.N. works with dramaturgies of sculpture, electronic music, overwhelm, syncopation, internal narratives, texture, trance states, a public and always dancing, to build atmospheric landscapes through the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning. Resultant choreographies are stagespace/dreamscape/battleground, working through questions of entanglement, alienation and sensation.