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Amala Dianor

Senegalese born choreographer and dancer Amala Dianor trained at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaie in Anger, France.  Dianor excels in a range of dance styles from Hip Hop to neo-classical, contemporary and afro-dance and in 2012 he established his own company, Compagnie Amala Dianor.  In 2012 he also created Crossroads (winner of the Second and Third Awards at the Concours Renaissance) and the following year, he created Parallèle, a quartet for four women at the Centre National de la Danse. In 2014, he choreographed the Extension duo alongside Bboy Junior.  That same year, he created and performed in his first solo show, Man Rec, which premiered in the Avignon festival. In 2015, the company launched a regional project called A Wink of Time putting in the spotlight 18 amateur dancers on their way to becoming professionals. This project led to the creation of Overflow, co-signed with Mickael Le Mer, Pierre Bolo and Annabelle Loiseau.

In 2015 Amala also became the artist in residence at the Théâtre Louis Aragon in Tremblay-en-France. In 2016 he created Di(s)generation, bringing together several generations of hip hop dancers, and showcased New School, a trio from Di(s)generation inspired by Abstract dance.  His duo Trait d’union was created in January 2018. Betweem 2016-2017 Amala was Associate Artist for the CDCN POLE SUD in Strasburg, as well as for the Scène des Pays de Mauges in Maine et Loire, France. And in 2018 he choreographed The Falling Stardust combining contemporary and classically trained dancers.